Treasure Coast Chapter


Executive Board

President: Glenda Montes de Oca

1st Vice President: Chirstina S. Guarino, FRP

2nd Vice President: Regina R. Mantz, ACP, FCP, FRP

Treasurer: David Whitney, CP, FCP                       

Secretary: Nicole L. Raynor, CP, FCP, FRP           

Immediate Past President: Kristen Remling, FRP

Committee Chairs

Career Network: Andrea Smith                        

Community Service: Shanon Matheny, CP, FCP 

CLE Liaison: Kathleen Fisher, CP, FRP                

Public Relations/Website: Ronda Booth                               

Membership: Regina R. Mantz, ACP, FCP, FRP  

School Liaison: Sharla Branigan                             

Legal Community Liaison & Scholarship: Tina L. Woods-Reif, CP, FRP

Meetings Facilitator: Christina S. Guarino, FRP       

Vero Lunches: Justine K. Sickles, CP, FCP, FRP               

Stuart Lunches: Regina R. Mantz, ACP, FCP, FRP            

Okeechobee Lunches: currently looking to fill position

Ft. Pierce Lunches: currently looking to fill position

Parliamentarian: Kristen Remling, FRP                                

Audit: Kathleen Fisher, CP, FRP